Extra Virgin Olive Oil

To view Monti del Chianti from Petrolo’s medieval Tower of Galatrona is to appreciate why our land has been favored for viticulture, wine and olives since Etruscan times.

Terraced organically farmed groves exposed east and northeast and planted with the classic Tuscan varieties render Petrolo’s olive oil amazingly fresh and grassy in flavour with a light peppery warmth.

Petrolo produces two types of extra virgin olive oil: Petrolo IGP Toscano and Laudemio Torre di Galatrona.

Petrolo has been part of the consortium for the upkeep of the IGP TOSCANO Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 2009 and it is an approved member of the prestigious LAUDEMIO consortium for the Tuscan olive oil excellence since the 90’s.


Olive Groves

The olive groves of Petrolo extend for about 19 Hectares with over 3500 trees grown on hilly terrain of loam soil rich with stones and have an East, North-East exposure at an altitude between 300 and 450 m asl.

Most of the groves are cultivated with vaso policonico and cespugliato for 17 hectares on old terracing, the remaining 2 ha instead where replanted back in 1986 at monocono with water irrigation drawn from one of the small lakes of Petrolo .

The olive varieties we use in both our Olive oils are a typical Tuscan mix of Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo. The olives are organically grown and are certified by the control body ‘Suolo e Salute’.


Olive Oil Production

The olives are handpicked with shaver rakes early in October and beginning of November and brought daily to the olive mill to preserve their integrity and mantain low levels of acidity (under 0.2% in oleic acid).

The Olive oil is cold extracted and only by mechanical means.

The olive oil mill chosen since 2013 uses the Pieralisi DMF (decanter Multi Phase) “Leopard” technology. This innovative method proves to be faster and energetically more efficient than alternative methods because it does not add any water during extraction of the olive oil. This way prevents loss of important aromatic elements and preserves the original organoleptic quality of the Olive Oil of Petrolo.


Tasting Notes

Bright green in color, this oil has a lovely intensity to the nose, fruity and moderately spicy. In the mouth it is fresh and spicy with light herbaceous notes in the finish. It is a balanced oil, persistent in evolution and biologically produced.

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