A wine cherished by Petrolo, wanted by Lucia Bazzocchi Sanjust in 1988 and made at the time with the help of former wine consultant Giulio Gambelli. Torrione marks the beginning of the winery’s new approach to winemaking aiming to produce wines of the highest quality.
Torrione is the “chateau” of Petrolo, a blend of the grapes of all the vineyards of Petrolo: not only Sangiovese from Bòggina but also from other historical vineyards of Petrolo, including Merlot from Galatrona and Cabernet Sauvignon from Campo Lusso. A perfect example of a balanced, clear and deep red. A wine that tells, better than any other, the true identity of our territory.

Val d’Arno di sopra DOC, Pietraviva

Estate produced and bottled

First year of production

Grape variety
80% Sangiovese, 15% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon

50.000 bottles



Manual harvest in crates and grape selection with sorting table.
Torrione is made from the Sangiovese grapes coming from the winery’s historical vineyards of the 70’s and from more recent ones. Vineyards were planted following meticulous zoning that enabled us to identify the most suitable root-stocks and the optimal plant density. The yield per plant is very limited (max 1Kg per plant) allowing the concentration of all the noble components of the grape fundamental to the great structure, elegance and balance wanted for this wine.


Natural vinification with native yeasts in glazed concrete vats. Soft and frequent manual pumping overs.


Spontaneous malo-lactic fermentation in wood. Maturation in concrete tanks, French oak 40Hl barrels, tonneaux and barriques for 15/18 months.



The winery’s historic vineyard, planted in 1947 by Gastone Bazzocchi, grandfather of the current owners. The vineyard has always been the backbone and heart of Torrione altough since 2006 a growing portion of the vineyard is selected for the production of the Bòggina wine, the “Grand Cru” of Sangiovese by Petrolo. The vineyard has been gradually replanted with a massale selection to keep the original old clone variety.


Over a nice mitigating small lake, Casariccio is one of the vineyards of Petrolo with Sangiovese. It extends for 2ha and was planted in early 90’s. Produces for Torrione.


One of the oldest vineyard of the winery with over 45 years of history. Some of its plants could well be from the pre-philloxera period. Lecceta is only planted with Sangiovese for Torrione.


This vineyard also produces for Torrione, extends for 2 ha and is planted with Sangiovese.


This lovely vineyard of 1 ha is surrounded by woodland, planted close to the Tower of Galatrona. It produces Sangiovese for the Torrione.

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