San Petrolo

From 2001 Petrolo’s Vinsanto del Chianti, produced since the 50’s, is named SANPETROLO. This decision was taken because of the limited and incomprehensible views of the Vinsanto del Chianti disciplinary.

Sanpetrolo has very peculiar and for us outstanding features (as a 9 years long aging in small oak barrels), that don’t agree with the very confining analytical values of the Vinsanto del Chianti denomination. This wine is not filtered, is not very alcoholic (well under the regulamented 15.5% vol) and is very high in sugar content (above 300 g/l). Since 2001 vintage Petrolo Vinsanto del Chianti DOC has been Sanpetrolo, IGT Toscana passito.

IGT Toscana Passito

Estate produced and bottled

First year of production

Grape variety
50% White Malvasia and 50% Tuscan Trebbiano

Around 600 half-bottles, 0.375 litre


Harvest & withering

Sanpetrolo is made from the selection of the winery’s best grapes coming from the remaining rows of the 60’s of white Malvasia for about 50% and Tuscan Trebbiano for the remaining 50%. The bunches are laid on specific open-worked crates and stored in a dry and ventilated room almost until the Easter period.


As soon as the grapes reach the best withering stage they are accurately chosen according to their health condition and the bunches are introduced whole in a pneumatic press were they are gently and softly squeezed. The obtained must is separated by its lees allowing it to rest for approximately 2 days.


The must is decanted in new small sized “caratelli” (50lt). The casks are filled up to 70% and kept in the “vinsantaia”, a well aerated room distinguished by big leaps in temperature. Here the fermentation takes place. The aging period lasts 9 years, after which only the casks with the best giving results will be assembled. Bottling and bottle maturation end the process.

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