The wonderful territory of Petrolo, in continuous balance between nature and the careful work of man, has allowed the creation of great wine and precious olive oil since ancient times.

Petrolo’s vineyards extend across 31 Ha in the DOC Val d’ Arno di Sopra appellation, bordering the south eastern area of Chianti Classico. Our Vineyards are found at an altitude between 250 and 450 meters a.s.l. and grow over moderately loose-packed soil with different mixture of rocks like marl, sandstone and shale typical of the Chianti area. We have around 5500 plants per hectare trained to produce very low yield around 20-25 Hl per hectare for a total of 650-700 Hl of wine.

The soil composition, its altitude and exposure are within those key elements that help to obtain wines of marked character.  All the rest is tuned by passion and by the ability to listen what earth every day teaches.

San Marco

This Sangiovese  vineyard of 3 ha was planted over 45 years ago, part of it was replanted at the beginning of the 90’s. From San Marco we produce the Torrione.


The vineyard extends for 3 ha and was planted in 1990. Galatrona is the first Merlot vineyard that Petrolo planted. The Galatrona wine is produced from this vineyard since it’s very first bottling.


Feriale is part of the Galatrona vineyard, it was planted in the 90’s and extends for about 5 ha. Almost entirely made of Merlot plants, the vineyard holds a few experimentations of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. The grapes are meant for the production of Galatrona.


One of the Sangiovese vineyards of Petrolo producing for Torrione. Casariccio extends for 2 ha.


One of the oldest vineyard of the winery with over 45 years of history. Some of its plants could well be from the pre-philloxera period. Lecceta is only planted with Sangiovese for Torrione.


This vineyard also produces for Torrione, extends for 2 ha and is planted with Sangiovese and Colorino.


The vineyard of 1 ha with Merlot, it’s placed in the area dominated by the Watchtower of Galatrona, surrounded by the woods of the estate in a spectacular position.


The historical vinyard of the winery, planted in 1947 from Gastone Bazzocchi, grandfather of the owners currently running the estate. The vineyard has always been the backbone and heart of Torrione, from 2006 the central rows are selected for the production of the Bòggina wine, the cru of Sangiovese of Petrolo.

Vigna della Torre (Campo Lusso)

This high density vineyard extends for about half hectare, with about 5000 gobelet-trained plants (bush system), just below the old medieval watchtower of Galatrona just below 500 m asl. The vineyard is placed on beautiful natural terracing facing the Natural Park of the Chianti Hills recently producing for our Cru of pure Cabernet Sauvignon, the Campolusso.


Lovely vineyard of 1 ha planted close to the Tower of Galatrona in the middle of the woods. Sangiovese, producing for the Torrione.


Experimental vineyard mostly Sangiovese for the Torrione, planted in collaboration with the Arezzo province and the University of Agriculture of Milan (followed particularly by Prof. Scienza) and the CRA (research and experimentation council for agricolture, based in Milan).


2 ha vineyard producing Merlot for the Torrione.


Part of the Galatrona vineyard of about 1,5 ha, planted with Merlot for the Galatrona.