Bòggina C

When I think of Bòggina C ( Classic) it comes to my mind a small painting of Paul Klee and its description by Walter Benjamin in his masterpiece-book “Angelus Novus”…

…“There is a painting by Klee … It shows an angel who seems about to move away from something he stares at… His face is turned toward the past… But a storm is blowing from Paradise … This storm drives him irresistibly into the future to which his back is turned…”

Here’s Bòggina C, a wine turned towards the past (the secular Tuscan tradition in its most beautiful areas vocated to our Sangiovese…) but at the same time a wine pushed inexorably towards the future… (because of the painstaking care we now put, unlike the past, in the slightest details of all processes, in the cellar and in the vineyards.

Val d’ Arno di Sopra DOC – Vigna Bòggina, Sangiovese – Estate produced and bottled.

First year of production

Grape variety
100% Sangiovese

10.000 bottles



The wine is made from a meticulous selection of the best grapes of the Bòggina vineyard harvested by hand and further selected with a sorting table. Fermentation is carried out in our traditional cement vats with frequent but soft manual pumping overs and gentle macerations lasting over 2 weeks.


16-18 months in French oak 40 Hl Barrel and Tonneaux.



A historic vineyard for the winery, it was planted in 1947 by Gastone Bazzocchi, father and grandfather of the current owners. Part of it is selected for the production of the namesake wine Bòggina C, the rest is used for the Torrione. Bòggina is planted with Sangiovese vineyards and over the years it has been replanted following a strict mass selection of the original clones.

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