Inarno is a wine that stands for the beauty, generosity and goodness of Sangiovese grown in our territory in the Val d’Arno di Sopra. It is a wine made in an artisanal way that reflects the ancient work that still persists among the many small producers of our area.

IGT TOSCANA – produced and bottled from the Estate. Organic

Grapes variety
100% Sangiovese

Inarno comes exclusively from Sangiovese grapes of Petrolo’s historical vineyards of the 70’s and from more recent vineyards. To avoid damage, the grapes are collected manually in perforated boxes and then carefuly selected on the sorting table.

Natural vinification with native yeasts in vitrified concrete vats. Frequent but delicate manual pumping over. Long macerations.

Aging and bottling
Spontaneous malolactic fermentation and maturation in concrete vats. INARNO is bottle a few months after the harvest like a young Chianti, to enhance its characteristics of fragrance and drinkability and with a very limited addition of sulphitesto protect its freshness.

2019 climate trend
A very favorable year. A mild winter was followed by a rainy spring but without excess. The drop in temperatures in May helped slow the otherwise early development of the plants. Summer arrived hot and with little rainfall, favoring a perfect and balanced ripening of the grapes.

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