What’s your favorite Petrolo?

Born of a tradition of excellence and the weight of time, the
prestigious collection is the ultimate expression of the Petrolo style.

» Torrione
» Galatrona
» Bòggina
» Sanpetrolo


​The essence of Petrolo

A wine with enormous aging potential.
Our Chateau, the most trustworthy symbol of Petrolo's identity.

» Torrione uncovered

...for that special occasion

Unique wine, a pure Sangiovese in very limited production.
A tribute to the winery's origins

» Bòggina uncovered

Our "grand cru" of Merlot

The wine that has achieved the highest awards. 
A bottle of great elegance, with a perfect balance.
Flagship of our production.

» Uncover Galatrona

1958: The first Bòggina

The first bottle of a special wine.
Symbol of a rebirth highly wanted by Gastone Bazzocchi, 
father and grandfather of the actual owners.


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Great wines
as a calling 

The area of Petrolo, in south-east Chianti, has always been focused
to the production of the highest quality wines.

» Our vineyards

​Luca Sanjust

"Making wine is adding beauty.
Our work must preserve
and, with gentlenes, add value
to what nature produces".